About Us

We Offer Tour & Trekking With Eco-Friendly Trek And Expedition through Mount Rinjani
We are focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment full of fun, adventure, and discovery who truly you are. Our team are trained up in first aid and are particular about hygiene, making sure your health and well being is looked after at all times. Our aim is to provide_ services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be a happy tour with us.

about us
Our Mission Is To Protect And Create Eco-Friendly Trek And Expedition Based On Mount Rinjani National Park.We Are Part of trekking organizer in Senaru belong to mount Rinjani National Park And Rinjani Trek Management Board with highly experienced, knowledgeable and expertise in tourism since many years. We provide standards as high, in most cases higher than most big trekking and travel companies, but we applicable prices. we had spent a lifetime trekking, Mountaineering, peak climbing, hiking, sightseeing tour on mount Rinjani. We had built up a great knowledge of the area and the environment you will be traveling through and is committed to your enjoyment and safety. Our aim is to lead all the group of a trek and ensured that each person in the group gets the maximum enjoyment out of the trek, and maintain a friendly atmosphere at all times.

It Is Our Pleasure To Present Eco-Friendly Trek.We offer full service trekking and tour operator in Lombok. as a member of Trekking Organizer Association, Rinjani National Park, And Rinjani Trek Management Board. We ‘re absolutely familiar with the destinations we offer. Our main focus is meeting the needs and ensuring the safety of mountaineers, trekkers, geologists, scientists, anthropologists. Our aim is to introduce Mount Rinjani into the world as a geopark without impacting on the precious ecology of our beloved country. We take pride in providing first-rate services to each valued guest. We believe that beautiful surroundings alone do not make an on forgettable holiday-thorough knowledge of the terrain and carefully planned arrangements for your safety and comfort are equally important.

Our Eco-friendly Trekking company was founded by dedicated explorers and professional guides, at home whatever the terrain. Were the foremost name in adventure trekking, mountaineering, jungle, and other Tour in Lombok such beautiful beaches at Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, Gili Naggu, Gili Gede, and more.

Our friendly, well-trained teams, means our guides, cooks, and helper, re-recruited from Lombok Sasak community and association guide and porter are trained by Rinjani national park and Rinjani trek management board of mount Rinjani and we have a deep respect and love for mount Rinjani as a second high volcano in Indonesia , we will be commitment to protect the Environment of Lombok and special to mount Rinjani for high purpose for the beauty of nature.

Our Eco-Friendly trekking program to response to the global challenge through responsible Eco-friendly and green Tourism. It helps to mitigate the process of climate change and for a collective effort in creating and expanding products and practices.

Our Eco-friendly Trek emphasizes for promoting the Consumptions of Eco-friendly food with no MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate ). Our foods are Real Traditional local foods, we use a menu on our trek, so our guests can choose for example Urap-urap, barbecue chicken, Fried fish, Chicken curry, Vegetable curry, Nasi Goreng, Fruit salad, and much more.

Our Eco-friendly Trek emphasizes to reducing plastic waste in the food we bring and locally produced bio-degradable utility item and make locally aware for the Environmental Conservation.

Our Eco-Friendly Trek commits to the global campaign against the consequence of the climate change on tourism. It acts in an eco-friendly manner in our actions where each individual has to drive with the responsibility to Nature, upgrade the Nature and especially in the remote areas encouraging them to be a part of Nature by rewarding them through tourism of mount Rinjani national park.