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Trekking Rinjani Crater Rim Senaru 2 days 1 night, start via Senaru village to Crater Rim and back down to Senaru village. This program is the famous trekking package to Mount Rinjani and suitable for beginner trekkers.

Rinjani Trek summit 2 days start via Sembalun village to Sembalun crater rim and climb to the summit and back down to Sembalun village. This 2 days program is most popular and suitable for experienced trekker.

Mount Rinjani Summit, Lake 3 Days start via Sembalun village to crater rim, summit, Segara Anak lake, hot spring water, Senaru crater rim and down to Senaru village. This program suitable for experienced trekkers.

Trekking Rinjani 3 days 2 nights to Crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak lake and hot spring water, start and finish at Senaru village. This program without hiking to the summit, and this program suitable for beginner trekkers.

Mount Rinjani trekking 4 days start via Sembalun village to the summit, lake, hot spring, cave, crater rim Senaru and finish at Senaru village. This program most trekkers choice and suitable for beginner trekkers.

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Mount Rinjani is one of the most popular spots on Lombok for tourists. Administratively the Mount Rinjani is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesian It rises to 3,726 meters, making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The park is popular for mountain climbs and trekking and represents an important nature reserve and water catchment area. The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park or Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani. In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Mount Rinjani be one of the world’s official geopark.In General. Trekking to Mount Rinjani opens from early April to the first week in January and the park permanently closed from January – March due to the heavy rain. In fact, almost all year round is possible to climb due to the tropical climate that Lombok has. unless the activity of the volcano raised. the national park authority will send notification about the current activity of the volcano.

According to Indonesian season where from April to October is summer and October to early January is a moderate rainy season. April and May are the quietest. you will experience the most beautiful views of the entire savanna! the trees are still green. The extra caution should be taken on the rainy seasons which starts in October. especially! for trekking routes from crater rim Sembalun to the lake. In some places from the lake to Senaru village, the walking route is slippery, and in some places frequent landslides. If you decide to go on that rainy season! do not forget to bring a raincoat for trekking Mount Rinjani.

How hard to climb Rinjani?

Most of the beginners ask us whether it is hard to climb the mountain or not. As a beginner, it might seem hard to you. However, following the given guideline will make the process easy for you.

  1. In the beginning, keep your pace slow and always take the easy path so you will not get tired
  2. Assure that you walk for short intervals because it will help you to cover most of the area of the mountain
  3. It is better to carry no weight is the beginning and as your body gets used to trekking you can carry some of your items. It would be better if you carry no more than 10 kg weight.

With Azmi Trekker, you will have the best trekking experience. We will assure that you will not have to carry most of the weight because all the trekking and camping equipment will be provided by us. It means that you will not have to deal with any kind of extra load or weight that would make it hard for you to trek. If you are beginner will assure that your body is properly trained so that you will not have to deal with any issues on your way. We will turn you into an expert trekker in limited time to assure that you will stop worrying about your luggage and safety and start enjoying the mountain and the beauty that it withholds.

What Do I need to pack?

What gear do I  need to bring to climb Mount Rinjani Lombok 3.726 meter above sea level? be sure you have gathered and pack everything before you depart on your trip.


Rinjani Trekking Route

Over 20 villages surround Mount Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east. Serious trekkers should explore the options of staying on the Rinjani mountain for 3 nights or more with a planned trek that takes in the crater rim. down to the lake. the absolute summit, and more. treks normally start in either Senaru or Sembalun route.

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